Sort out your meals, groceries and more with new online restaurant Grammi

Online-only restaurants may have been a rarity before, but in this new normal, we think it makes perfect sense.

One of the latest concepts to have come online is Grammi (meaning ‘gram’ in Italian), an all-in-one Italian-Mediterranian restaurant, grocer and bar by none other than Beppe De Vito, the award-winning chef and restaurateur behind well-known brands here like Amo, Braci and Southbridge.

On the food front, find honest, comforting appetisers and pastas like the Pumpkin Burrata Salad ($18), Wagyu Beef Sliders with Truffle Cheese ($18), Beef Lasagna ($16.90) and the highly recommended Strozzapreti with Crab ($23.50). Want something heartier? Go for mains like the Iberico Pork Collar ($23.50) or the Chicken Cacciatore ($16.80)—both are solid options. Portions are generous, so expect a filling meal.

, Sort out your meals, groceries and more with new online restaurant Grammi

If you’re looking for something more convenient, they’ve got bento meals too, that make for quick, satisfying lunches. Otherwise, you can look under the grocery tab and find pre-prepped eats like Baked Penne ($15.90 for a whole tray) and chilled portions of their menu mains, delivered to you ready to be heated up. Under groceries are a good range of Italian staples as well, from cured meats to fresh herbs, sauces to homemade pastas.

To complete your meals, a good selection of desserts (try the Limoncello Cheese Cake; $16.90, serves two) and alcohol is available. Pick a bottle of red, white or even a prosecco from the store, or just get a Peroni beer to keep things simple.

, Sort out your meals, groceries and more with new online restaurant Grammi

But if you’re like us, you’ll be looking at the cocktails section, where a range of DIY kits await. There’s a classic Negroni Kit ($95, inclusive of garnish) that comes with enough gin, vermouth and Campari to make a 500ml concoction. Or just get the Gin & Tonic Kit ($158, serves four persons) that’s packed with a full bottle of gin, eight bottles of Italian craft tonic and garnish, just in case you’re looking to get a party started.

If all online restaurants turn out like Grammi, we’ll be happy to see this trend continue for a long time to come.

Grammi delivers daily islandwide from 11.30am-8pm. Free delivery for orders above $150.