Think handcrafted vegan pastries, traditional kuehs and more

All the additional time spent at home may have made some a whizz at banana bread and brownies, but there are some desserts that amateur home bakers just can’t master. In such cases, leave it to the experts and support local small businesses as the following five Instagram home bakers are dishing out unique bakes at affordable rates. Most operate through mini bake sales or pre-orders, so make your purchases conveniently via direct messaging or online sign-up sheets.

A local business that specialises in making traditional Peranakan kueh salat, is truly in a league of its own. ‘Cause not only are the blue butterfly pea flowers utilised for the desserts homegrown and handpicked, fresh ingredients such as coconut milk, eggs and sugar are guaranteed every time. Consume it immediately or keep it for a maximum of two days; just know that every bit of the dessert is fresh down to its core.

Guilt Free Food

Quality cinnamon rolls aren’t easy to come by in Singapore. Which is why there’s a large appreciation for home bakery Guilt Free Food, that makes cinnamon rolls and cookies with real ingredients, reduced sugar and no preservatives. Feast your eyes on the entire cake pan of these sweet rolls when you get them delivered to your doorstep.


Whether you’re plant-based or looking to try vegan bakes, Gratus is the perfect home-based bakery for you. A dessert shop that aims to be sustainable for both the planet and animals, grab their treats which will satisfy your sweet tooth any day. The baker also partakes in fundraisers, so in getting delicious eats, you’ll be supporting more than one good cause.

Puffs and Peaks

Boasting fluffy, homemade donuts filled with sweet cream, jelly and more, Puffs and Peaks should be your go-to for pastries. Run by a friendly mother-daughter duo, also trust these ladies to make fabulous matcha and chocolate round cookies as well as banana loaves.

For handcrafted madeleines that look like they belong on Marie Antoinette’s porcelain plates in the Palace of Versailles, turn to She Sells Seashells. Besides the classic, gorgeous pieces that won’t disappoint, also order sweets such as the Pickled Cherry Blossoms Financiers and Pistachio & Macadamia Cookies. If you’re lucky, the baker may even release caneles; just stay up to date with the home bakery on Instagram for the scoop on bake sales.