4-in-1 breakfast machines, electric waffle makers and more

Cooking may be a hobby for some, but it is a chore for many. To cook delicious meals quickly and efficiently, just check out the following four all-in-one cookware that will definitely save you time and energy. Clean-ups are also way easier thanks to these appliances.

4-in-1 Breakfast Machine

Easily prepare a sumptuous breakfast feast thanks to this Breakfast Machine which allows for grilling, steaming, frying and cooking. Not only can you cook congee in a mini cooker pot, you can also grill bacon while steaming or frying eggs. With the 60min feature, control the cooking time readily so overcooking never occurs.

5-in-1 Electric Waffle Maker

To get delicious, homemade waffles, sandwiches, donuts and even eggettes that look as good as they taste, try this 5-in-1 Electric Waffle Maker. Choose the Tray Set to receive the full selection of equipment, then all you need to do to create a quick lunch fix is to pop your carb of choice into the appliance before shutting the lid and setting the timer.

Multi-Function Cooking Pot

Communal dining doesn’t have to be a tiring, stressful experience. To create a meal that can feed at least four at a go, opt for this Multi-Function Cooking Pot which includes a compact hot plate, 4L electric hotpot as well as a grill plate for cooking fish, meat and vegetables. Made with non-stick material, the cookware also boasts adjustable temperature and knob control functions.

Phillips Air Fryer

Air fryers are a lifesaver for lazy cooks. Besides being able to fry nearly any food you can think of, the clean-up process will never be as messy and exhausting as cooking on a regular stove. This particular Phillips HD9723 Air Fryer model offers both the original baking tray plus a grill pan attachment so you can alternate between the two.