Versatile tools perfect for frosting, mixing and more

Since the Covid-19 circuit breaker measures broke in Singapore, baking has become the stay-home norm. If you’ve been whipping up sweet treats at home by only relying on typical kitchen utensils and disposable trays, consider purchasing these premium baking necessities that will definitely make your time an easier one.

5-piece bakeware set

This fine 5-piece bakeware set may not be budget-friendly per se, but its uses are boundless. Not only are these high-quality, non-stick oven trays great for baking, they can be used for grilling and roasting too. Made with tough, anti-warp carbon steel, the entire kit is fridge and freezer safe as well. Find a cake pan, regular baking dish and pizza tray in the mix.

73-piece pastry equipment and frosting set

Attempting to become a pro at frosting and piping? Then this 73-piece pastry equipment and frosting set is perfect for you. Now available at a fraction of its original price, quickly nab this substantial kit complete with icing smoothers, non-slip and rotating turntables, spatulas and more.

Electric hand mixer

Frequent home bakers should look beyond common whisks. Getting the job done incredibly fast and efficiently, this electric hand mixer is bound to become your best companion in the kitchen. With seven various speed settings and two balloon whisks, effortlessly blend your ingredients together thanks to this helpful tool.

Stainless steel measuring cups

Plastic measuring cups and even poorly-made metal ones never last long. Instead of constantly replacing broken or rusty measuring tools, simply purchase these high-quality, premium stainless steel measuring cups which come in a set of five. This kit offers durable and hardy pieces that will give you the accurate measurements you need so your bakes will be gorgeous and delicious.