Ingenious tools you never knew you needed 'till now

If, up until this moment, you’ve only used conventional kitchen equipment, then prepare to be amazed and go on a shopping spree to purchase the following ingenious gadgets that will save you plenty of time when you cook. Once you got your hands on them, you'll never be able to live without them again.

Automatic Pot Mixer

Don’t waste your precious time standing over a pot, idly stirring it every now and then to prevent the contents from sticking. Instead, purchase this automatic pot stirrer that comes with three different speed functions and has the ability to stir for up to four hours. So if you make stews and sauces often, this is the tool you ought to own.

Avocado Savers

If you frequently consume avocados and would even like to take them on-the-go, these inexpensive avocado savers will really come in handy for you. A set of two designed to fit snugly over two halves of an avocado, these babies will definitely keep your superfood fresh for much longer.

Electric Egg Steamer

Never boil an egg on a stove ever again with this Electric Egg Steamer that doubles as a cooking device for buns and other dishes. Simply place all your eggs into the multi-function equipment and watch it cook perfectly. Since it also works automatically, you won’t have to rush to switch it off when the time is up.

Multi-functional Small Cooker

One pot meals can now be made even easier with this useful electric cooker that’s especially suitable for single cooks. Just chuck all your ingredients into the pot; either fry up meat and vegetables on low heat, or boil some ramen noodles in this all-in-one device. The choice is yours, and it’s that simple.

Salad Spinner

Have no trouble eating healthy with the help of this large salad spinner and dresser. Made for washing, spinning and drying salad, vegetables and fruit; this gadget is easy to use and dishwasher safe as well. When you’re done, just detach the outer basin as it works as a serving bowl too.