An electronic mosquito repellent, portable treadmill and more

All about producing smart devices sans the high cost, Chinese electronics company Xiaomi boasts ingenious household appliances that are meant to immediately elevate home living. And since you’ll still be spending most of your time at home, consider purchasing these six gizmos that’ll greatly level up your living quarters and lifestyle. From electric mosquito repellents to smart alarm clocks, transform your space into a smart home one device at a time.

Electric Temperature-controlled Hot Water Dispenser

To accurately control the temperature of your drinking water, purchase this electric hot water dispenser by Xiaomi that boasts a reliable heating system. Perfect for avid tea drinkers who prefer their tea leaves steeped at specific temperatures, this kitchen appliance will also come in handy for home cooks since alterations to temperatures are possible with just the push of a button.

Electric Lint Remover

Forget regular lint rollers that barely work; this inexpensive Xiaomi electric lint remover will readily eliminate all excess fibres found on your favourite clothes. Not only does the gadget offer a proper handle so you can navigate both coarse and fine fabrics, the trimmer also has a 40min working time and is easily rechargeable using a USB-C port.

Smart Alarm Clock

Make mornings more bearable with this smart alarm clock that features a four-inch display, a music library, storage for app installations, and even video resources for screenings of shows. It’s also possible to integrate this wallet-friendly find with other smart household devices including cameras, phones and a Xiaomi video doorbell; just note that the voice command system only responds to Mandarin.

Xiaomi Mosquito Repellent

If you’re no stranger to receiving mosquito bites, drive those pesky insects out of your home with this popular mosquito repellent device. Emitting gases that repel mosquitoes, this instrument is convenient and simple to use. Just press the power button twice to turn on the 10-hour timer mode, then check the light indicator for its working status.

Xiaomi Walking Pad

Essentially a portable treadmill, the Xiaomi Walking Pad is a cardio machine that can be stealthily stowed away after use. Since the gadget is able to reach up to 6km/h for such a compact device, this piece is great for homebodies looking to squeeze in a quick walk without breaking a sweat.

Xiaomi Wireless Handheld Electric Broom

Instead of purchasing the Roomba that frequently gets stuck as it cannot swiftly manoeuvre corners, try this Xiaomi Wireless Handheld Electric Broom that effectively removes dust from all areas of the house. With high speed rotation and two sets of roller brushes beneath the broom, this definitely beats the common Magic Mop as well.