From collapsible pails to stylish ottomans with ample storage space and more

As work-from-home continues for many and extra hours are spent in the house, your living space may seem increasingly small and cluttered. But instead of binning everything that doesn’t spark joy, find a middle ground by neatly organising your abode with the help of compact yet versatile furniture pieces. Below, check out five items that’ll easily turn your home into a cleaner and more well-sorted place to stay.

Fabric ottoman with storage

Ottomans which boast storage units are one of the first few furniture pieces you should look to when intending to get a seat that’ll save on space. Pick one that’ll blend seamlessly into your home no matter what interior design style your house is modelled after; this fabric ottoman that doubles as a storage box is a good choice with its neutral hues and two different sizes.

Foldable multi-functional kitchen chopping board

If you’ve been doing a lot of cooking and cleaning as of late, then this foldable, multi-functional kitchen chopping board will definitely come in handy. ‘Cause not only can your family members easily navigate the kitchen as you stay put by the sink while prepping your meals, the adjustable chopping board can be used as a wash basin for your produce with its smart drainage system. When you’re finished, just fold it flat and stow it away neatly to prevent it from becoming an eyesore.

Space-saving collapsible pail

Another genius invention, this space-saving product that won’t cost you an arm and a leg is a collapsible pail which can hold up to 10L in capacity. In addition to being able to withstand high temperatures thanks to a high-quality PP plastic material, this multi-purpose storage unit also looks stylish and modern with its minimalist design.

Space-saving wall mount table

Whether you require an additional table in your kitchen, living room or bedroom, this wall mount table will readily accommodate to your needs by being a foldable and mobile fixture. Made with environmentally-friendly wood and supplied with additional quality accessories, choose a piece like this to increase space around your humble abode.

Vertical wooden laptop stand

Complete with three slots which can fit MacBooks as well as notebooks, Samdi’s vertical wooden laptop stand allows users to keep their devices in a tidy fashion while occupying little to no space at all. Just place your gadget on this stand that has no trouble cradling hefty laptops; it doesn’t hurt that the walnut-coloured stand looks fitting too.