Men, sort out your hair removal needs at home with No Hair Crew

With strict social distancing measures in place and enforced by the authorities, many of us have had to postpone (or give up altogether) our usual body haircare and beauty routines. From IPLs to Brazillians, certainly, having our intimate areas worked on at the salon has taken a backseat.

While the ladies can opt for self-care options at home thanks to various products already in the market, men either have to just use the same shaver they use for their facial hair (and risk cuts), or use what the ladies are using too (which often produces mixed results for men).

But a new range of products has recently arrived in Singapore, and it’s made just for you gents. It’s called No Hair Crew, and there’s just two variants—one for your intimates and one for your general body area. At a fraction of the cost of visiting the salon, the ability to do it yourself, and requiring no shaving at all, it sounds almost too good to be true.

To find out more, we hooked up with Mark Stanlein, No Hair Crew’s Brand Ambassador, and asked him all our (razor) burning questions.

, Men, sort out your hair removal needs at home with No Hair Crew

Hi Mark. Tell me a little about how No Hair Crew came about.

No Hair Crew was created by men for men, especially athletes, who really need something to groom their body hair and make it more friction-free. Normally, the only thing a man can use is a razor, which comes with multiple downsides including skin irritation, razor cuts, ingrown hair and short-term results.

Through market research, we found that there are only female products available and none are as convenient to use for men. Therefore, we created an innovative, vegan product range that addresses the hair grooming needs of men.

What demographic of men do you find use in this product most?

Across the globe there are two key groups of men who does personal hair grooming. The first is a group who needs to groom in order to perform better in sports. The second is the group who finds personal grooming something nice to have. They are a growing group who uses our products to look better, feel better or have partners who think they look better.

Can normal shaving produce the same result as No Hair Crew?

Shaving with a razor poses the risk of cuts, and is not advisable to use around the intimate regions. As a one-of-a-kind product-range, No Hair Crew is made in Spain, dermatologically-tested for efficacy, vegan-friendly and designed to last much longer than shaving while reducing ingrown hair and regrowth hair is less coarse after each use.

Both our Body Hair Removal Cream and Intimate Hair Removal Cream, enriched with skin-caring and hydrating ingredients, specially target hair and penetrates follicles of the area respectively and moisturise the skin after use.

Besides the obvious cost savings, how different is the experience of using No Hair Crew compared to visiting a salon to manscape?

No Hair Crew hair removal creams are pain-free and fast-acting and allow men to do their hair removal routine at the convenience of time and in the privacy of their own homes. You get to have a choice exactly when you want to do it and spare the awkwardness of having someone else do it for you, especially around the groin area. Plus, our products do not have a strong chemical smell and takes no more than three to five minutes for the hair to be removed.

Can men use hair removal products targeted at women and achieve the same results?

I would say no. Female hair and skin is different from men’s, especially around the intimate areas of a man’s body. In this case, the skin is even more sensitive and using too strong and active products will cause irritation and damage to the skin. Besides, the smell of female products are different from ours and ours is vegan, which cannot be said about female products.

Understand that it varies according to hair volume and surface area, but how many uses can each bottle provide on average?

That is depending on the person and their hair density. The Intimate Hair Removal Cream should last between 4-6 times, whereas the Body Hair Removal Cream is difficult to state, as it depends how many areas one would want to treat, like on the back, stomach, legs, arms or armpits.

The No Hair Crew Intimate Hair Removal Cream with Soothing Seaweed (100ml), and the Body Hair Removal Cream with Energising Ginseng (200ml) each costs $28.80. Available exclusively at Beauty Circus.