Look beyond basic office essentials

Your home workstation need not be a makeshift mess. Now with the continuation of the work-from-home notices, put in the effort to make your environment a comfortable and conducive one. Here are five unique accessories and furniture pieces that will instantly spruce up your workspace.

Cute cat webcam with microphone

Make Zoom meetings more bearable with this cute cat-inspired webcam which comes equipped with a microphone. Not only does it promise a HD camera, the product also utilises a USB port so it is compatible with most computer devices.

Foldable laptop stand with mouse holder

On days where you just can’t seem to climb out of bed, pull out this foldable laptop stand and rest it on your mattress to work efficiently even while you lie comfortably. There’s an adjoining mouse holder for you to use too, or better yet, leave a snack on there to have it within reach. iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab users can check out this tablet stand instead.

Mobile study table

Add this to your shopping cart immediately if you haven’t got one already. ‘Cause in addition to being mobile, this study table can actually be folded and kept inconspicuously hidden away from sight too. Talk about practical.

Minimalist design adjustable floor lamp

If you frequently shift your home workstation, this adjustable floor lamp should come in handy. Whether you’re seated at the coffee table or retreating to your bedside desk to work, this piece of furniture can follow you around the house to keep your workspace well-lit. Best of all, since it is of minimalist design, it won’t be an eyesore no matter where it’s placed.

Totoro office chair cushion

Deck out your workspace with fluffy pillows like this adorable Totoro chair cushion that even offers an attached neck bolster. Now your home office will be the envy of all your fellow virtual colleagues.