Simply follow the recipe cards or view online video tutorials

Baking may be a fun hobby, but it can also quickly turn disastrous if your recipe and ingredients are not accurate to a tee. To avoid disappointment, purchase convenient baking kits from these following online bakeries and shops in Singapore. You’ll find that the premixes come complete with recipe cards and even online video tutorials for a no-fuss bake sesh. So now you can call yourself a home pastry chef.


Take on a fun project that offers a sweet ending with Bakeri’s kits that create deliciously gorgeous desserts. The Little Miss Bento Baking Kit - Little Bear Muffin and Kitty Cheese Tart provide you the opportunity to bake and decorate Insta-worthy desserts. Prefer bread? Then select the Cheddar & Herbs Bread that’ll make a good breakfast option too.


If you’re into comforting cakes inspired by some of your favourite snacks, then purchase baking kits from Bakestarters as they’re now offering packs like the Cookies & Creme Loaf Cakes kit; S’moreos, which makes oreo marshmallow brownies; and the Chunky Earl for earl grey cookies containing dark chocolate chunks. Need tart tins, tiramisu pots and other baking equipment? Just get them from the bakery store too.

Janice Wong Singapore

Bake like expert pastry chef Janice Wong when you pick up baking kits from her eponymous online store and label Janice Wong Singapore. As her premixes come complete with most ingredients, simply add in an additional ingredient or two before baking. There’s the Green Tea Cake Premix 460g that’ll offer a fragrant matcha flavour, as well as the Sugar Free Chocolate Cake Premix 320g which contains a rich chocolate treat. Did we mention that the famed master baker’s premixes are incredibly affordable, with many going for less than $10?