Plant-based beverages that are far better than store-bought ones

Plant-based milks are growing popular, and for good reason. Said to be less harmful towards the environment and easier on our gut while still providing vital nutrients, these dairy-free beverages are not to be ignored. And although you can purchase cartons of these from the grocery store, it is more cost effective to make them yourself, especially when it’s this easy to do so. Bust out your blender and nut milk bag (cheesecloths or even clean pantyhose are options too), it’s time to make some homemade milk.

Almond milk

Probably the most popular nut milk beverage out there, almond milk is the epitome of dairy-free goodness. Make a bottle of it yourself at home by soaking raw almonds overnight before blending it with water and vanilla extract. Finally, sieve out the residue by milking the mixture with a nut milk bag, and it’s as simple as that.

Banana milk

Chock-full of vitamins and minerals, it’s bananas that this alternative milk recipe only comprises five ingredients often found lying around the kitchen. In a blender, simply combine bananas, water, dates, cinnamon and vanilla extract; what you get when it’s all done is a rich, creamy and irresistible jug of banana milk.

Cashew milk

Some folks swear by cashew milk as a good source of calcium, so to increase your intake without the lactose, give it a try. After blending both pre-soaked dates and cashews with water, vanilla extract as well as salt, strain the mixture with a cheesecloth into a jug and voila—homemade cashew milk.

Macadamia nut milk

A carton of macadamia nut milk will cost you a pretty penny at the grocery store, so it would be wise to concoct this beverage yourself. Go ahead and soak your cup of macadamia nuts for at least two hours, then chuck them into a blender with water and a dash of salt. Since this recipe doesn’t even require a straining process, once your mixture has done its time in the machine, your milk will be ready.

Oat milk

One of the most environmentally-friendly plant-based milks, oat milk is obviously made with the incredibly nutritious cereal grain which provides tons of health benefits, even more so when homemade. Start by giving your rolled oats a good rinse before blending it with water. After straining the liquid with a nut milk bag, you’ll have your delicious oat milk that’s packed with iron, calcium and potassium.