Take your instant noodle game up a notch with these tasty ramen recipes

Instant ramen may not be the finest meal option out there, but it’s definitely an easy and tasty dish to cook. If you love your instant noodles, why not level up your game by trying out the following four ramen recipes. These are so delicious, you’ll wonder why you haven’t thought of them sooner. Remember: if all else fails, just add cheese.

“Fried” Shin Ramyun

If you think Korean instant noodles are great just the way they are, think again. Once again proving that anything tastes better fried is this Shin Ramyun stir-fry recipe that elevates the typical Korean-style ramen. After cooking the noodles in a pan, allow it to simmer with a generous amount of garlic before giving it a good stir-fry and cracking an egg over the dish. It’s simple, and it works.

Ramen burger

To really take an instant noodle recipe up a notch, try making a savoury and juicy ramen burger. All you have to do is bind your cooked ramen noodles by combining them with two whisked eggs and shaping them nicely, then toss them into the steamer for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, fry a beef patty as you normally would. Finally, assemble all your ingredients with some additional lettuce as well as tomato slices and your perfect ramen burger is done.

Stir-fry Indomie mi goreng

Regular Indomie too basic for you? Then stir-fry the noodles with additional spices, vegetables, egg and whatever else you’ve got in your kitchen. Feel free to toss leftovers or even canned luncheon meat in there too; just remember to boil the noodles only till al dente as the ramen will be cooked further when it’s on the stove again.


A Korean dish that shot to fame thanks to its feature in the Oscar-winning film Parasite, Ram-Don continues to be the talk of the town. To recreate it in your own home this circuit breaker period, simply combine the Chapagetti and Neoguri instant ramen, then top it with seared premium beef cubes to seal the deal.