Plus one that’ll put you to sleep and ease

Podcasts may never be more popular than it is right now. Stand-up comedians, news anchors and even television shows all seem to have their own audio programmes these days. And why not? Plenty of these series offer information, entertainment and even therapeutic means for listeners to cope with life. So if you’re one for stories, you’re in luck. Here are five podcast shows that offer gripping tales and interesting anecdotes to cure your boredom, plus one that’ll put you to sleep.


To truly do this award-winning podcast justice, imagine yourself among strangers, perched over a crackling campfire while listening to these stories surveying folklore, mysteries and more. Launched by writer Aaron Mahnke in 2015, Lore poses historical tales from ones about love to others about looming threats, ‘cause as the show states, sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction.

The Moth

Created by a non-profit organisation in New York City, The Moth is dedicated to the art of storytelling, with every intention to honour both diversity and commonality of the human experience. As such, each show begins with a theme which the storytellers must explore live and without notes. With stories about how our pets can teach us about ourselves and ugly confessions by beautiful people, The Moth illustrates just how life can intertwine.

Noble Blood

Fans of The Crown and even readers of Horrible Histories, turn your attention to Noble Blood, which explores the tales of history’s most fascinating royals. Learn about the travesties, tyranny and slaughters; some of the best episodes include The Second Death of Marie Antoinette that delves into the legendary and indulgent French queen’s final months, as well as The Witch-Hunter King, which hears of how James VI of Scotland dealt with the evils of witches.

Sleep With Me

No, literally. A podcast that offers bedtime stories to help adults fall asleep in the dark of the night, Sleep With Me lulls all to rest with soothing elements and narratives. Ranked the most popular episode by far is the Fan Favorite Flashback to My Life With HBO where the narrator discusses his pre-streaming love for HBO, and the second most highly-ranked piece is Oceans, that relaxes and stages the perfect set for sleep.

Sword & Scale

A bi-weekly American podcast show that features non-fiction stories, Sword & Scale hits all the right spots when it comes to presenting true crime accounts. Not only is the series brilliant thanks to the narrator’s evocative vocabulary and soothing yet tensive vocals, it is also greatly enhanced by interviews with criminals, witnesses, victims, trial audio and more.