5 useful YouTube channels to keep you active and productive this circuit breaker

Let’s be honest—staying at home gets tougher with each passing day. So to remain active and productive this circuit breaker, try checking out the following five channels on YouTube. From workout videos to cool tunes, these are the most useful channels on the streaming platform for inspiration on wholesome home living.

Check out 5-Minute Crafts for DIY content

All about helping viewers remain fulfilled at home, 5-Minute Crafts is a game-changer during this circuit breaker period. Experience the joy of constructing simple crafts, or just hack your way through home living with helpful tips and tricks provided by the experts.

Popular playlist channel ChilledCow offers cool beats and tunes

Whether you’re looking for background music or nap time tunes, ChilledCow on YouTube (as well as on Spotify and Apple Music) has got all the playlists you’re looking for. Their most popular one is the Lofi Hip Hop Radio that offers beats to relax or study to. There’s nothing better than smooth, low fidelity sounds playing in the background.

Enjoy The Daily Social Distancing Show for headline news with a splash of humour

The quarantine spin-off of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah found on the same channel, The Daily Social Distancing Show continues to tackle headline news with humour and satire from the comfort of Noah’s couch. So laugh alongside the news anchor/comedian and his team as they bring you the latest updates on the coronavirus pandemic.

For at-home workout videos, try MadFit

Those taking the additional time indoors to get in shape should turn to MadFit. The fitness channel of vegan YouTuber Maddie Lymburner, let the health guru train you with real-time workouts and exercises. From beginner-friendly core exercises to intense HIIT sessions, Lymburner is bound to help you work up a sweat.

Trust Martha Stewart’s YouTube channel to offer delicious homemade meal recipes

While queen of domestic arts Martha Stewart’s YouTube channel is not solely a cooking show, her culinary chops do take centrestage. Learn how to make General Tso’s Chicken, Roasted Chicken Breast with Ratatouille and even Instant Pot Carnitas; the channel also has a playlist dedicated to no-fuss weeknight recipes that lazy home cooks will adore.