For virtual bonding moments with the people you care about

Even as we begin to come out of the lockdown, virtual interaction is still the way to go. Gather your family and friends online—these following free group games are all we need to for some fun and laughter during these tough times.


Similar to Draw Something, the main crux of Skribbl is to get players to guess the word you are drawing. Type out your answer in the sidebar and whoever gets it right wins. The game is highly dependent on the drawer’s scribbling skills (thus the name) and the guesser’s limitless imagination. Even if you can’t draw to save your life, the attempted answers often provide great comic relief. Starting a game is really simple too. Choose to battle it out with other online players or create your own private room to play in comfort with your close friends. Each private room can accommodate up to 12 players.


PlayingCards gathers the games we are all familiar with onto one common platform. Childhood games such as Checkers, Backgammon, Memory Game, among many others, are all available here. Start playing by creating a private room and share the room code with your friends. For more interaction, jump onto a video call at the same time to shoot the breeze and have some laughs while playing the game.


Draw 4, Reverse, Skip—sounds familiar? Here’s a classic card game suitable for anyone. Form a tag team to play against two other competitors in this fast paced game of Uno, or simply go solo. What’s unique about this version on Facebook’s Instant Games is that you can view your team mate’s cards. Get into a Zoom call at the same time to verbally strategize and plan your next move. Things can get real crazy with so many cards flying around.

Boggle with Friends

Get your friends to download this game to find out who the real wordsmith is among the crew. If they're not up for it, there is also an option to play with other online players for a match. A time limit is given for you to form as many words as possible. Earn a higher score with special power-ups, including one allowing you to switch letters to find other possible word permutations. It's an ideal game to test your vast vocabulary while keeping your noggin active. Download via Google Play or App Store.

Psych! Outwit your Friends

The brainchild of popular US talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, Psych is a game of deception. Think of an incorrect answer to the given question and psych your teammates into believing that yours is the correct one. Points are awarded should they choose your answer. The free version comes with categories such as ‘Word Up’ and ‘Movie Bluff’. But if you're keen to widen your boundaries, simply purchase more decks. Start a game by sending the passcode to your friends for them to join in. You can select between 5, 7 or 10 rounds of questions to determine the winner. A perfect opportunity to reveal the best deceiver in your group. Download via Google Play or App Store.