GrabDurian is back to sort out your cravings while you stay home

Durian season is in full swing in Singapore, and whiffs of fragrant durian aromas fill the air as we walk by fruit stalls, supermarkets and even at home when the neighbours just brought home a basket full.

It might be a nightmare for some noses, but for us durian lovers, it’s truly a time to indulge. And helping you do so from the safety and comfort of home is GrabDurian, back again this year with a whole host of merchants to choose from.

For fresh durian fruits, look no further than the likes of Spike Empire (islandwide, same-day delivery). They offer five types of durians freshly harvested from Pahang. Dehusked on-site then vacuum-packed and delivered in temperature-controlled trucks to Singapore daily, expect the fruits to still be plump and fresh upon reaching your home.

, GrabDurian is back to sort out your cravings while you stay home

Choose from D13, Red Prawn, Mao Shan Wang, D24 and Empire King variants, starting from $24, all dehusked and offering around 400g of flesh. They offer durian puffs and gelato too, so feel free to add those treats along into your order.

Otherwise, check out the likes of HeavenlyGuo (next-day delivery) or 1321 Fruit Store (islandwide, same-day delivery) for more options. Check out the former if you’re interested in other fruits too, or the latter if you hope to purchase fruits, vegetables and durians with the husk still on.

To access GrabDurian, just head into your Grab app and locate the dedicated tab. Or just search “durian” to discover more.