Be part of an interactive murder mystery in this upcoming virtual production

While folks argue over the essentialness of artists in Singapore, local independent theatrical company Sight Lines Entertainment forges ahead to break new grounds despite the tough times we’re in.

Making its debut and running for three nights only from June 26-28 is Murder At Mandai Camp, the very first interactive live performance to take place in Singapore via Zoom.

Drawing inspiration from army myths and urban legends that Singaporeans and National Service men are familiar with, the production is the result of artistic director Derrick Chew and award-winning director and playwright Chong Tze Chien coming together to bring the performing arts onto its next stage—online.

You, the audience, take on the role of an investigator sent to solve an army recruit’s unusual, gruesome death. What could have killed young recruit Rozells (Irsyad Dawood) during a typical outfield exercise at Mandai Camp? The only lead you have is his disemboweled corpse.

Does Lieutenant Haziq (Erwin Shah Ismail), who got into a fight with the deceased before his death, have anything to do with it? Or is it Tan (Bright Ong), who went AWOL in the middle of the exercise, who did Rozells in? Then there’s the matter of the evil spirits in the jungle too…

As you try and solve this murder mystery, you’ll be led though immersive rooms that set the stage for pivotal scenes. Expect moving backgrounds and props to add to the production value, with Zoom’s real-time chat even coming into play as an evidence log.

Will you and your team of investigators be able to solve the case? It’s up to you to find out.

Murder At Mandai Camp takes place 10pm, Jun 26-28 via Zoom. Tickets are $15, with $20, $30 or $50 price options for you to show further support. Zoom link will be sent via email two hours before the show starts.