Play locally-inspired charades, puzzles and more thanks to #SGCultureAnywhere

If you’ve always enjoyed playing the cultural tourist on Singapore’s turf, continue to explore what our city has to offer with the National Heritage Board and their latest contributions to the ongoing #SGCultureAnywhere initiative.

First, head over to the Malay Heritage Centre’s Facebook page to check out their digital jigsaw puzzle which you can solve by piecing together and sharing on various social media platforms. Then, gather the family for a friendly game of charades hosted on the National Heritage Board’s Facebook page. Simply whip out your mobile phone and hit pause anywhere on this video and hold it to your head. Your folks should act out what’s on the screen to help you guess the local monument.

And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not take up an art challenge too? To participate, simply select any of the masterpieces posted on the Malay/Indian Heritage Centre’s Facebook page, and recreate those images with everyday household items. Post it on your Facebook page, tag the respective centre, and stand to win attractive merchandise.

Plus, go ahead and print out some Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall colouring sheets like these to practice your shading skills, or find interesting stories about our culture via’s YouTube channel and portal.

With so many locally-inspired activities, you’re bound to discover something new about Singapore even while you #StayHomeForSG.

More information about the National Heritage Board and their online offerings available here