Unleash your inner Pinterest mom

There’s only so many Zoom calls you can answer and Netflix shows you can binge on before you begin to feel unproductive when stuck at home. So to feel fulfilled while in quarantine, try your hand at new crafts which will certainly brighten up your day. Here are six DIY craft ideas to attempt; hope you’ve got nifty and nimble fingers.


A form of sewing and a much simpler alternative to embroidery, cross-stitch is a fun and fulfilling hobby that helps the sewist gain creativity and focus. If you’re interested in weaving gorgeous works of art that also make for meaningful gifts to your loved ones, try learning to cross-stitch. Check out the video above that offers a guide to cross-stitching for beginners.

Create bath bombs

Lush bath bombs are as pretty as they come, but they are certainly much too pricey to be enjoyed every other day. So learn how to create your very own homemade bath bomb for a warm, relaxing soak in the tub when the occasion calls for it. You’ll require baking powder, citric acid, cornstarch, colouring pigment, almond oil, epsom salt and bath bomb moulds. Start by combining all your dry and wet ingredients into separate bowls before bringing the mixture of oils into the dry ingredients bowl. After mixing well, place them into their moulds and let them sit for a minute. Remove them, then let the bath bomb dry for at least 24 hours before dropping them into the tub.

DIY exfoliating sugar scrub bars

Another homemade creation you can flaunt on Instagram is the exfoliating sugar scrub bar. Attempt to make them at home by combining sugar, rose petal, rose water, coconut oil and a soap base. Leave the mixture to sit in their moulds for just a couple of hours and you’ll be all set for your next shower appointment.

Learn flower preservation

Just a quick google search and you’ll learn that air drying flowers is the easiest and most common method of flower preservation. So to preserve some of those lovely floral arrangements that have come your way this circuit breaker, simply take the leaves off the stem of the flower, tie a bunch of them together with a rubber band, and leave them to hang inverted in a well-ventilated area.

Make homemade candles

Easily create your own candle with wax, wick, a heat-proof jar and whatever else you’ve got lying around the house. Begin by melting the wax in a double boiler before adding your fragrance and colouring, then mix it all to combine. Once done, pour the mixture into the container with your wick in place. Once it solidifies, you’ll have an aromatic, homemade candle.

Tie-dye your old t-shirts

Thinking of binning some of those old, white t-shirts of yours? Try tie-dying them instead to give them a new lease of life. To do so, grab a damp t-shirt, use rubber bands to tie them in a variety of directions and then just get creative by spilling colourful hues all over the tee. Place your work of art into a plastic bag, and leave it to dry for about eight to 10 hours. Finally, give it a rinse and what you’ll have is a perfectly tie-dyed creation of your own. But be sure to bust out your gloves, cover-ups and towels prior to your experiment, as things will get messy.