Be inspired by storytelling, puppetry and more at the online edition of StoryFest 2020

There’s a lot a good story can do—inspire, motivate, spur creativity—the list goes on. Which is why the annual StoryFest in Singapore has been showcasing and celebrating a variety of styles, repertoire, and cultural presentations of storytelling from Singapore and around the globe.

Jointly presented by The Storytelling Centre Limited and The Arts House, StoryFest 2020 will be taking place this Jul 17-27 for the fourth time ever. But apart from the fact that the festival has gone virtual, the event’s essence remains strong with local commissions as well as interactive content being key highlights. Along with this year’s theme of ‘The Heart of Story’, allow StoryFest Online 2020 to impart the knowledge and power of stories to you even as you catch it from home.

So begin by checking out the Young Storytellers Showcase as A Dance of Stories will prove that storytelling isn’t just for kids. Be amused with tales about the mystical lakes of Vietnam as well as what lies in the scorching deserts of Persia. Then catch The Heart of Story that features familiar faces from the local spoken word scene as they delve into the myths and legends recounting a time where gods walked among men. And don’t forget to engage the little ones with the Family Shows as participatory opportunities will be offered, alongside singalong stories and talking animal shows.

There’ll even be an exploration of puppetry in Singapore, thanks to A Puppeteer’s Journey that offers an interview with a local pioneer puppetry expert. All that in addition to workshops in the form of presentations by practitioners in Singapore, exploring mandala storytelling methods and assisting you in devising your own personal narratives.

With such immersive content available for free at StoryFest Online, expect plenty of fun for the whole family and get more involved with a community that strives to pass on the age old tradition of storytelling.

StoryFest Online 2020 runs from Jul 17-27 here.