Catch this upcoming online dance performance that explores surveillance in society

In an increasingly digital society that’s further amplified due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, mass and micro surveillance are the norm. And if you’ve always been intrigued by how Big Brother may be watching you, here’s an all-new dance performance to catch.

Created entirely online during the circuit breaker period as the local dance troupe could not physically rehearse, Sigma Contemporary Dance’s Survei:ance is inspired by the notion of online observation—through video surveillance, webcams, social media platforms and more.

To reimagine the digital space as a stage, Survei:ance will be pre-recorded in a single take before being streamed via Facebook Live on May 30, at 9pm.

Interestingly, the dance company has even taken into account the conventional concepts of dance composition, lighting effects, framing techniques, in addition to movements and spacing; so have a glimpse of how these performers move and respond to being seen.

Enjoy the show right in the comfort of your own home by simply registering your attendance here, and take note that while the performance is not chargeable, you can definitely show your support for the crew by dropping them a donation anytime before or after you’ve caught it.

With such an interesting concept explored in the first of such a piece by Sigma, we certainly hope there’ll be more to come even after the pandemic blows over.

Survei:ance streams May 30 at 9pm via Facebook Live. More information available here.