Be physically distant but digitally close

It may be the new normal, but working from home can take its toll on team morale. If the only time colleagues meet each other is via video calls, "Zoom fatigue" can easily set in, draining everyone of the precious energy they need to focus on tasks.

Hoping to alleviate some of that negativity is this new, probably the world's first virtual team building software WorkJoys. Its founder Joshua Koh says this was launched as a way to help Singapore companies and their employees cope with the emotional impact of Covid-19.

Unlike most team bonding sessions and virtual games, WorkJoys runs asynchronously, so individuals can attend to it only during pockets of downtime. This also means you don't need to find a timing where everyone can make it in order for the session to happen.

Currently, the software features three social games. The first is a Positive Polling game where users get polled with only positive questions about their colleagues, and the chosen ones will receive a notification allowing both the polled and the pollee to connect through an in-system chat.

The second is a Trivia game where users are posed quirks about their colleagues and they then have to choose the right colleague to match it to. If the correct person is chosen, they will receive a notification to once again connect through chat. The third game is a True or False Story Game, where each user provides one true and one false story about themselves for the rest to figure out which is which.

The plan is to roll out a total of 10 games by September. Koh, who started this as a community project while holding a full-time job elsewhere, is offering this completely free for companies to use.

He hopes that this will help improve workplace relationships after noticing that connections do become more strained amidst the pandemic.

Simply set up an account and get started.

More info on Workjoys here.