Learn magic, play with sheep and more on Airbnb Online Experiences

A combination of wanderlust and cabin fever can quickly make a person go mad. The mind spirals, you feel restless and wanting, and you can’t believe how so very real the pandemic has become.

Alleviating some of that torment is Airbnb’s new Online Experiences, that has launched with a plethora of virtual offerings by people around the world similarly isolated in their homes.

Just like its regular experiences, you can book sessions with other hosts that offer anything from cooking with a Moroccan family to a meditation sesh with an actual Japanese monk, all done online. Most charge a small fee by the hour.

, Learn magic, play with sheep and more on Airbnb Online Experiences

A quick browse also reveals fitness experiences with Olympic medalists (who must all be dreading the down time till 2021), live music concerts, a variety of dance classes, a cocktails and gossip sesh with drag queens, going backstage with magicians, visits to sheep farms and a whole lot more.

Some can get very practical, like learning how to get camera ready with an actual Korean TV host, or even downright introspective, like gleaning valuable lessons from someone who went through the apartheid in South Africa.

And if you feel you’ve consumed enough and would rather be sharing your very own home experience with others around the world, you’re free to sign up too. There’s no better way to feel less claustrophobic than to take your mind off your four walls and share with others what you know.

What better way to be spending our time alone together.

More info on Airbnb Online Experiences here.