Go on virtual tours, marvel at the great outdoors from home and more via Expedia

With cities worldwide under lockdown in some shape or form and air travel still a long ways away from being commonplace again, it seems like real-life travelling will still remain a pipe dream in time to come. No longer just an alternative to the real thing, virtual travel has now become our only option.

It’s great then that more and more online travel offerings are being made available, and with Expedia’s ongoing Travel From Home initiative, there is truly a lot you can do all from the comfort of your abode. There are both paid and free experiences available, so go the route that best suits your appetite.

If you’re willing to fork out some cash, guided tours and classes await. Get to join other virtual travellers from around the world to visit the Colosseum ($15) for instance, in a live, guided tour conducted by a local guide. Or join Spaniard Natalia and her family in a live tapas cooking class ($64) while shooting the breeze with them. The choice is yours.

, Go on virtual tours, marvel at the great outdoors from home and more via Expedia

For the intrepid virtual explorer, a whole bunch of free outdoor adventures can be had via video. Visit places like the massive Yellowstone National Park, the untouched Patagonia region, or even fly over Scotland’s many scenic areas for an aerial view of its vast beauty.

Other interesting tours and activities worth checking out include a self-guided exploration of the inside of the International Space Station, watching traditional Japanese Kabuki theatre and visiting the famed Louvre Museum in Paris.

Satiate your wanderlust further with their selection of Slow TV destination videos, where you can take your time to slowly immerse yourself without haste. Spend 45mins walking through the bustling streets of Shibuya in full ASMR glory, cruise down Amsterdam’s canal in an hour-long POV boat ride, or just watch as the clouds go by the city skyline of New York.

These long, extended videos (some up to more than 10hours in duration) truly take you places and are well worth spending time on. So if the cabin fever has been hitting you hard, let these virtual escapes work their magic and take you on a voyage you wouldn’t have thought possible.

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