Grill satay, create your own scent, go on virtual tours and more with Klook

Our passion for travel may have been severely stifled by the global pandemic, but deep down, we all know that the embers of our wanderlust burns on, no matter how faintly.

Here to help keep our inner desires and travel curiosity alive is Klook Home, a collection of home-based experiences now offered by the eponymous travel activities and services booking platform.

A whole gamut of options are available. For the avid explorers, you can beat the cabin fever by going on live virtual tours to destinations like Bali, Cebu and London. It’s all free, but just make sure you are able to make it at the designated date and time.

Looking for something more constructive? A whole bunch of online classes are also available. Pick up songwriting at a private jamming sesh, learn how to create your own scent at a workshop that’s inclusive of a DIY perfume kit that’ll be delivered to you, or even enroll into Hogwarts and take up a course in Defence Against the Dark Arts (okay, the last one isn’t constructive, but fun nonetheless).

There’s also a good selection of meal kits you can get your hands on. Get to recreate Park Bench Deli’s famed cheeseburger yourself, have skewered sticks of satay sent to you ready to be grilled, or choose the ingredients you want prepped and delivered via Cookin1. There’s just something satisfying about putting together a meal yourself compared to simply ordering takeout.

So while we await physical travelling to become commonplace again, be sure to keep your passion for travel alive—it’s one of the greatest things to look forward to.

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