Vacation cancelled due to Covid-19? Fret not

If you’re among the many whose travel plans have been halted as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak (and you find solitude far from comforting), here’s something that may temporarily fill the void.

Withlocals, a popular online marketplace that connects travellers with various locals worldwide, has now launched a brand-new initiative that helps those with wanderlust deal with social distancing measures.

Enter Withlocals Live, which offers interesting, cool experiences through live streaming, all hosted by passionate locals from across the globe. Think Malaysian curry cooking workshops, Greek history classes, or even an online tour of the Vatican museum with an Art History PhD holder.

To get started, simply head over to their page, and browse numerous experiences to be a part of. Each live stream is privately-held, and hosts a maximum of 10 people. Just contact the host by selecting the workshop that has interested you most, before patiently awaiting a response, for more information and a custom link to book the experience.

Having launched with 35 online experiences offered by 20 locals from 15 cities worldwide, this is just the beginning, with more to be introduced over time. Now not only are there more things to do during your time alone, but you can live vicariously through your hosts too.

Find out more about Withlocals Live here.