Go on a live, guided tour with locals in Berlin, Pompeii and Amsterdam at this virtual event

Imagine if you could be walking the crowdless streets of Amsterdam right now, or be taking a serene drive around the city of Berlin. How about exploring the ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii, now void of tourists?

With tourism at a standstill, it’s actually one of the best times to be taking in the sights and sounds of a place, free from the noise and disturbance of others. Knowing that, our favourite currency exchange wallet YouTrip has teamed up with sharing economy activities platform Withlocals to host a virtual live tour, so that we may all experience distant locales from home.

Happening June 6, get to go on a guided trip around Berlin, Pompeii and Amsterdam at their Virtual Tour to Europe event, hosted by actual locals who will not only be bringing you around their respective cities, but will also be sharing about themselves and the local life. Afterall, connecting with real locals is part of the joy of any trip.

, Go on a live, guided tour with locals in Berlin, Pompeii and Amsterdam at this virtual event

While the event is one-off, feel free to continue going on virtual tours guided by locals from around the world via Withlocals. Whether you’re interested in cooking Moroccan cuisine with two brothers from Marrakech, having a glass of wine and chill like a true Parisienne while listening to French vinyl, or just learn about Rome through the lenses of its poets, there’s something for everyone.

And if you’ve been wondering what you can be using your YouTrip wallet credits for, now you can use it on these virtual trips too, all while enjoying a 10 percent discount for YouTrip users, starting from June 6. There’s no need to wait for flights to resume before we can satiate our wanderlust again.

YouTrip x Withlocals: Virtual Tour to Europe happens Jun 6, 5-6pm.