Efficiently sanitize every nook and cranny of your home

Don’t leave anything to chance—frequently give your home a good wipedown and clean up, especially with all the additional time spent at home. And while you may be scrubbing plenty of surfaces, there are other nooks and crannies in your house that definitely go unnoticed. So grab the following four unique cleaning gadgets, which will safely eradicate dirt, dust and bacteria within your household.

Electric rotating cleaning brush

With three different brush heads and an adjustable brush host, this electric rotating piece will be able to adapt to a variety of cleaning conditions. The flat brush allows cleaning of windows, tiles and floors; the round brush works great on irregular shaped surfaces such as bathtubs and sinks; while the corner brush is suitable for sewer openings and other stubborn stains. An all-in-one cleaning solution, don’t waste your time scrubbing away and instead let this machine do the heavy lifting.

Japanese-style mini vacuum cleaner for keyboards, cars and more

If you constantly snack at your computer desk and eat in front of your laptop (we’re not judging), then this device is one you should own. Besides effectively removing dirt by vacuuming them out of your keyboard, this nifty tool can also help tidy up your car’s AC unit or any other intricate corners around. You won’t know the word “clean” until you’ve tried this gadget.

Mite and dust UV light cleaner

Give your sheets, pillows, and bolsters a good clean with this anti-dust and mite handheld cleaner which instantly removes dirt thanks to its high suction quality and use of UV-C lamp. Not only can you use it on mattresses, also tidy up your carpet, curtains and sofas with the same device. Have it delivered to your doorstep with a local adaptor and never have dust irritating your skin while you sleep again.

Window crevice cleaner

The most wallet-friendly option that still allows you to remove dirt from your window slot crevices is this knife-shaped cleaning brush. Equipped with stiff bristles and a sturdy handle, swiftly eradicate dirt, dust and all other filth from your home with this nifty crevice cleaner.