Chic essentials for a home gym that actually makes you want to exercise

Exercising at home has become a staple of pandemic life, but gym equipment rarely looks aesthetically pleasing. If you can’t be bothered to set up a drab home gym—or rarely use your equipment because you don’t like the look of it—here are some chic essentials that will actually make you want to exercise.


Earphones that don’t fall out


squarerooms sennheiser cx plus true wireless earphones earbuds new launch release man wearing black
Photo: Sennheiser

Before you invest in major exercise equipment, get hold of some multi-use earphones that don’t fall out of your ears when you exercise. The new CX Plus True Wireless from Sennheiser will be just the right pick for you, with active noise cancellation for extra focus, transparent hearing to stay alert while doing your reps and customisable touch controls for easy access.

Plus, they are good for more than just exercise and double up as great earphones for meetings and calls with friends and family, making them true all-rounders.


Handy storage bench


squarerooms home gym ikea storage bench shoes black grey wall mounted hooks storage equipment
Photo: IKEA

For a functional yet stylish home gym, storage space is crucial. We love the PINNIG bench from IKEA, which has a minimalist look and small grooves across the surface, which make storing weights, shoes and other exercise essentials extra easy. Pair it with wall-mounted shelves and hooks to maximise your vertical space as well.


Wooden exercise bike


squarerooms decathlon domyos woodbike wooden scandinavian exercise bike
Photo: Decathlon

Exercise bikes can absolutely be stylish, as proven by the newest Woodbike from Decathlon. It has the sturdy build and all of the functions you could wish for in an exercise bike, plus a cosy Scandinavian design that makes it a chic pick for any home.


Mirrored wardrobe


squarerooms ikea wardrobe mirrored auli doors bedroom
Photo: IKEA

Whether you lift weights or follow along with dance classes, checking your form is important to ensure that you don’t injure yourself when exercising at home. We recommend fitting out your home gym with full-height mirrors, either across the walls or in the shape of these AULI wardrobe doors from IKEA if you want to make the most of the space with extra storage space.


Soothing exercise mat


squarerooms decathlon exercise yoga mat leaf botanical green tropical print design woman lying child's pose
Photo: Decathlon

Most exercise mats come in bright neon hues, but we much prefer a soothing design for a visually appealing home gym. The thick and supportive yoga mats from Decathlon come in a variety of relaxing colours and prints, including a restful botanical print that will get you in the exercise spirit every morning.


Reusable water bottle


squarerooms water bottles soma pastel silicone sleeve wood bamboo cap sustainable water glass
Photo: SOMA


Staying hydrated can be done in style too, particularly with a classy glass bottle like the one from SOMA. Its easy-grip sleeve makes it safer to carry and suitable for exercise, while its simple shape eliminates awkward crevices for easy cleaning. Plus, the BPA-free borosilicate glass avoids the unpleasant tastes and smells that you’ll often encounter with metal bottles.


A version of this article first appeared on SquareRooms.