Co-living spaces: An up-and-coming solution to hassle-free home rentals

Renting is one of those concepts that get a bad rep. From the idea that renters are “throwing away money” to the fact that rental properties are often makeshift, lacklustre solutions masquerading as homes, tenants do face a myriad of issues when renting.

Knowing this, co-living company Cove has emerged with options which eliminate the troubles most renters face when searching for a temporary home.

Founded in Singapore in 2018 as a start-up providing co-living solutions for young professionals, the organisation has since expanded to Jarkarta, Indonesia, and is looking to move into other Southeast Asia cities like Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam.

A relatively new but increasingly popular concept, co-living is, simply put, a place for like-minded individuals to live, work, and play together.

And in Singapore, where co-living is legal for properties offering a rental period of three months and/or more, such an approach is taking off.

, Co-living spaces: An up-and-coming solution to hassle-free home rentals
Cove Basics 

At Cove, the company does the heavy lifting by scouring for sweet digs from all across the city, not to mention furnishing them—transforming places into liveable spaces for millennials and families alike. So whether you’re a young professional looking for privacy or a family waiting out a home renovation, Cove just might have the answer for you.

For instance, a cosy Cove Basics pad that’s just 10mins away from the CBD may only set you back $1,000 a month. More luxurious options are available thanks to the Cove Luxe range, which offers apartments that come lavishly furnished, plus an abundance of facilities.

Mid-tier solutions are expected at Cove Classics apartments—these provide the true blue co-living experience.

, Co-living spaces: An up-and-coming solution to hassle-free home rentals
Cove Luxe

The difference between Cove and other rental platforms like say Airbnb isn’t merely the fact that the former offers a fully legal solution to home renting, but also the fact that it isn’t a marketplace where all must source for places themselves. Cove essentially does all the work for you—all you need to do is pack your bags, and move in.

Speaking of which, the moving process is easy too.

Potential renters can scroll through Cove’s many available options on its website before selecting their home of choice. Provided the house or room is unoccupied and ready, the tenant can begin the moving process which involves four seamless steps. First, completing a simple booking form; second, signing a digital contract; third, transferring the deposit and first month’s rent; and fourth, turning up at the property for a check-in appointment with a member of the Cove team.

Coveys, as the company calls their renters, are entitled access to a tenant app where they can seek help, find like-minded individuals to build a community with, and even opt for certain services such as cleaning.

“Majority of our tenants are expat working professionals but since the pandemic, we have seen a shift, with more locals staying with us. Before, locals made up five percent of our tenant pool and that has since jumped to 35 percent. We do get graduate and undergraduate students staying at Cove properties too,” explains Sophie Jokelson, Cove’s Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer.

She continues: “We provide flexibility as an option but our properties are created with long term living in mind. We don’t just provide the bare minimum, we provide a space where you can feel comfortable, relaxed and stress-free. From the furniture selection and kitchenware to the dedicated support and community perks, our goal is to always offer a living space one can truly call home.”

Hoping to become Asia’s number one “rental brand”, Cove wants to be the pillar for reliable home rentals. And from what we’re seeing, locals can definitely count on them for exactly that.

Fuss-free renting is no longer a dream, it is a possibility with co-living solutions like Cove.

More information on Cove available here.