Create luxury at home with the Robinsons Hotel Collection

We dare say that nothing quite comes close to the unbeatable comfort of hotel rooms and their bed. Especially the bed. For some reason, we never fail to find hotel beds miraculously magnetic, drawing us in as we sink into that lush environment of puffy pillows and clean, smooth linen.

As we continue searching for the exact reasons behind their appeal, Robinsons is here to offer us a solution. On a mission to recreate the experience we get from a five-star hotel stay, the Robinsons Hotel Collection promises nights of achieving that same relaxed and refreshed state.


, Create luxury at home with the Robinsons Hotel Collection


Designed to effectively enhance your sleep quality, the Robinsons Hotel Collection features soft, luxe fabrics rendered in calming hues. From bedsheets and duvet covers, to towels and comforters, it lets us create luxury and refinement at home, without ever needing to checkout.

Taking softness to the next level, the Cool Bamboo Bed Set and Cool Bamboo Fitted Sheet Set are made with 100% bamboo cotton. Naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and moisture absorbing, the lightweight material helps to regulate temperature and is perfect for couples and warm sleepers.

For a touch of regal indulgence, go for the Hotelsilks Silk Pillowcase Twin Pack, with 100% 16 momme Mulberry silk. Gentle on skin and hair, they come with a reverse cotton side to present slipping.


, Create luxury at home with the Robinsons Hotel Collection


Enjoy the comfort of 100% polyester microfibre with their Luxury Microfiber Quilt and Luxury Microfibre Pillow. Wonderfully fluffy with a moderate weight, they’re suitable for both front and back sleepers, and are perfect for people with allergies and asthma. For something with more support, check out their Premium Contour Memory Foam Pillow.

To top it off, no luxurious hotel experience is complete without the sumptuous feel of super-plush heavyweight towels, such as the Premium Splendour Towel Range in this collection.


Grab them from now till Sep 30 to save up to 70% on your purchase.


Looking forward to endless nights of hotel-quality rest? Head over to Robinsons’ website here to find out more now.