Begin by creating the ideal environment in the bedroom

Having a restful sleep the night before is crucial to starting the day on a positive note. Here are six sleep-friendly products, from mattresses to pyjamas to candles, that will create the ideal environment in the bedroom to help you get that much-needed shuteye. 

Four Star Detense ArticSilk Advanze Aire Flex Mattress


The homegrown brand introduces the new Detense ArticSilk Advanze Aire Flex Mattress for a more comfortable night’s sleep. It features Japanese Advanze Aire Flex technology that increases airflow, improves ventilation and disperses heat quickly to regulate overall mattress temperature. Coupled with its signature ArcticSilk eco-fibers fabric for a silk-like feel, the mattress stays cool faster and longer, making it the ideal mattress for warm humid nights.


Sova Pillowcase and Eye Mask


Catch up on your beauty sleep in the most luxurious way possible, with silk pillowcases and eye masks by Sova. Products from this local startup use high-grade mulberry silk that is naturally hypoallergenic and temperature regulating. The pillowcase is said to prevent wrinkles (thanks to its anti-crease properties), help skin retain moisture, and prevent frizzy hair in the morning. Meanwhile, the eye mask won’t tug at delicate parts of the face, and is filled with pure silk so it feels extra plush and soft on the eyes.


Emma Original Mattress


This mattress by Emma - The Sleep Company is Europe’s most awarded mattress. Designed by a team of neuroscientists and sleep experts in Germany, the Emma Original Mattress provides optimal spinal alignment through patented technology. Its high-quality seven-zone foam distributes pressure while providing essential counter-pressure, and the core adapts to all body shapes to align the spine so any sleeping position is healthy and comfortable. Plus, the foam uses new-in-industry Airgocell technology to wick moisture away and provide air circulation. 


Rawbought Je Dors Sleepwear


Embrace the work-from-couch life with these sleepwear from Rawbought. Using modal fabric (made from beech tree pulp), the Je Dors collection will take the wearer through the night and day. Apparently the material is so buttery soft and breathable, you wouldn’t want to change out of it! There are different sets to choose from, comprising long- and short-sleeve tops with shorts and long pants in an assortment of colours. 


Hush Candle


Scented candles can help you relax and set the mood at bedtime. These candles from local home fragrance brand Hush are all made from soy wax and essential oils with no chemicals or synthetics. One of its bestsellers is the Lavender Essential Oil Candle which delivers a robust, sharp and authentic lavender scent. Light the candle in the evening for a soothing and calming effect, and an uninterrupted blissful night’s sleep.