Need a hobby? Try growing some edible flowers and plants

Starting a home garden from scratch may seem daunting, but it’s really all about dedication, patience and securing the right supplies. To help you get started, here are some useful tools and gardening essentials you will need to grow your own garden.


Go with an organic fertiliser as opposed to synthetic fertiliser for healthier, happier plants. If you produce a lot of organic waste at home, you can even skip the fertiliser altogether and feed your plants with food waste from your kitchen.

Nutritious composite soil

A key factor in yielding strong and healthy plants is a nutrient-rich soil. Beginner gardeners should choose this Nutritious Composite Soil that’s ideal for flowering plants, vegetables and houseplants.

Pots and planters

Of course, your plants are going to need a home. Pots and planters should have small holes at the bottom for water drainage, and should be appropriately sized for your plants’ requirements. Gardeners just starting out will want to opt for these wallet-friendly plastic pots; don’t forget to use simple bowls from your kitchen to catch water drained from the soil too.

Photo by Neslihan Gunaydin on Unsplash


Choosing which herbs, fruits and flowers to grow can be tricky as the choice of seeds often seems endless. Try growing your own dwarf cherry tomatoes, coriander or even sweet basil which are perfect for your own consumption.

Seedling trays

Folks new to seed germination will find seedling trays like these a lifesaver. Simply dump your pre-moistened seed starting mix into the trays for it to sow. You’ll also want to get some labels for the pots and remember to keep them warm.

Soil shovels

Whether you’re an expert urban farmer or a beginner home gardener, you’re going to need shovels. Try an inexpensive option like this Planting Soil Shovel to loosen and break up soil whenever necessary.

Watering Cans

Watering your home garden should be quick and easy. All you really need is clean tap water and something to distribute it with. Smaller home gardens will benefit from watering equipment like this pretty 1.2L Long Mouth Plastic Sprinkling Watering Can.