Even receive cashback upon the booking of services

Homes aren’t without problems. From leaky air con units to worn finishes on hardwood floors, any residence requires upkeep and maintenance. But if you’re unsure where to look for home repair solutions, perhaps one-stop platform ServiceBack.com will have the solution for you.

Launched at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic last May, a team of three including Nur Hakeem Bin Shaik Alaudin founded ServiceBack.com to offer local homeowners easy access to handyman services. Operating as an extension of the air con servicing company Hakeem was already running, the home services platform has helped more than 11,000 Singaporeans save time and money with offerings including air con servicing, cleaning and painting.

But the key highlight of ServiceBack.com has got to be its cashback reward programme. It readily allows customers to get instant cashback on booked services, which can be used to offset future payments.

As Singapore’s only handyman services platform which offers cashback, its unique bundle and cashback mechanism provides savings of up to 25 percent across a range of home services.

Says Co-founder Hakeem: “With ServiceBack.com, we’re making things more transparent and fairly priced for consumers. We are solving the problem of highly inequitable acquisition costs borne by the customer.”

And as the company continues to grow, it will expand into two new cities by mid next year, before going regional. In line with their cashback model, ServiceBack.com will also introduce a Home/Reno Credit Line with partner financing facilities, installment payments for large ticket purchases and even partner with other payment providers for cross-platform rewards or merchant cashbacks.

Gone are the days of scouring the internet only to find unreliable and dodgy home contractors.

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