No green thumbs necessary

If your lack of a green thumb has been holding you back from growing your own home garden, then perhaps this new initiative will help you kickstart your journey with agriculture.

Founded by a group of four Singaporean millennials, the PlantMojo team has developed their namesake product—a game-changing plant care kit which will empower even the most amateur of home gardeners.

A self-funded endeavour fuelled by an undying passion and years of expertise in sustainable agrotechnology, PlantMojo is 100 percent organic and employs microbial engineering to enhance a plant’s growth and livelihood. In other words, they make use of helpful microorganisms and active cellular reactions to achieve agricultural magic.


PlantMojo is, therefore, a simple three-step kit that comes in the form of three water-soluble powder products—yes, all you’ve got to do is mix them with water. Targeting soil condition, soil fertility, and pest management respectively, each box of PlantMojo makes up to nine litres of solution to be used as needed. Pour them over your plant to watch them flourish.

A business that started from the paddy fields of Indonesia, the team behind PlantMojo has produced tremendous results over the last 13 years, constantly yielding quality products for farmers and agriculture. Their microbial products have been slated as a favourite amongst farmers thanks to their chemical-free and lasting nature.

Now, the PlantMojo plant care kit removes the layers of groundwork and research a layman needs, effectively giving everybody the ability to grow lush, edible gardens safely and easily. Learn more about their magic here.

To support their mission to bring this agricultural aid beyond borders (to the new and experienced alike), head over to their Indiegogo page. They’re also giving a 25 percent discount for early bird backers, so be sure to act soon.

More information available here.