AIRism duvet covers and bed sheets, anyone?

Japanese casual wear label Uniqlo has truly evolved, becoming a cult brand with avid followers and loyal patrons here in Singapore. And now with the launch of the new Uniqlo at Home campaign, fans of the brand can live and breathe Uniqlo by wearing and decking out their homes with Uniqlo products.

Offering a range of loungewear, bedding goods and accessories, the November campaign will tap into the home living market thanks to versatile clothes and furnishings.

Simply begin by shopping for some comfy pyjamas like the Cassie Byrnes Rayon Satin Pajamas, designed in collaboration with Aussie-based designer Cassie Brynes; satin pants for ladies and men’s relaxed ankle pants are available as well.


As for home decor, pick out some AIRism bedding goods which include pillow covers, duvet covers and bed sheets. In fact, the new navy colour for the bedding collection has just hit stores as well. Fancy some home slippers? Purchase Uniqlo’s Room Shoes, so you won’t have to saunter around your home wearing old slippers you once nicked from a hotel staycation.

Finally, Uniqlo is also ready to invite all to rest and relax by introducing new Instagram content that discusses wellness tips. Just learn how you can turn your home into a sanctuary with these interviews and sessions led by experts. Wellness mavens include host and presenter Kelly Latimer, content creator Amanda Olivia Lim as well as founder of Scent by Six, Jason Lee.

Learn more about the new Uniqlo at Home campaign here.