These smartphone apps will save you homeowners time and money

Being a homeowner can be daunting. Whether you live alone or share the space with a large family, keeping track of chores, arranging for helpers, getting maintenance done around the house and decorating your home can add up to a messy bundle and even turn into unplanned expenses. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps that can help you out, be it with buying the right furniture for your house or coordinating everyone’s schedules.

For the renovation junkie: Design Home

If you’ve been thinking of embarking on a renovation project, Design Home can help you visualise your dream home by showing you how colours and shapes work alongside each other. Placing different furniture items and soft furnishings in a given room will make it super easy to understand the impact of a bright rug, a golden accent, a marble feature or even just a plant in the corner. This kind of knowledge will help you massively in cutting costs, as you won’t be spending on the wrong piece of furniture and will be able to undertake small renovations yourself.

For the happy shopper: Castlery


Beautiful furniture is easy enough to find, but knowing how to pair it with your existing decor can be tough. That’s where the new Castlery app comes in. Utilising augmented reality to place items from Castlery’s shop into a virtual version of your own home, this app allows you to visualise the exact impact of the furniture you wish to buy. No more shopping regrets, we say.


For the busy homeowner: Ovvy

In need of a cleaner, electrician, plumber or even a mover? Ovvy allows you to quickly put out alerts for home-related jobs that require a certain skillset and get a fast response from experienced workers in the business. Connecting with the service you need is literally at your fingertips.

For the DIY fan: iHandy Level


If you’ve ever mounted artwork or shelves to your walls, you might have encountered the issue of happily aligning them only to find that they are completely crooked once you take a step back. iHandy Level helps you overcome this problem by showing you exactly how off your alignment is once you calibrate the app to your surface. Say goodbye to crooked decor.


For the money-wise: Seedly

One of the biggest challenges of being a homeowner is keeping an eye on expenses. Loans, bills, food, transport, shopping and potential renovation costs all eventually start merging into an incomprehensible pile. The Seedly app can help you track all your expenses and keep a clear overview of different accounts, encouraging you to slow down your spending. If you’re dealt with the shock of a sky-high surprise bill before, this is the app you need.

For the overwhelmed family: Cozi Family Organizer


Whether you live with three kids or only your partner, a shared organiser is the best thing you can get hold of for your own sanity. The Cozi Family Organizer is well-known for combining chores, tasks, grocery lists and everyone’s schedules into just one app, giving you a simple overview of what’s going on at all times. The app syncs updates onto everyone’s phones automatically, helping you avoid any miscommunication as well.

A version of this article first appeared on SquareRooms.