From racy TikTok dances to quarantine caffeine fixes

What do you get when you keep a bunch of Millennials at home? Tons of new and fun social distancing trends on various social media platforms, apparently. Below, we take a look at some of the best trends that are both fun to watch, and are good activities to try your hand at as a way of passing the enervating Covid-19 stay-home time.

Dalgona Coffee

Dividing caffeine fiends globally is this new, frothy and super Insta-worthy coffee beverage which has origins in South Korea, but apparently India and Pakistan too. The DIY coffee trend made viral by video-sharing app TikTok is relatively simple; it utilises ingredients easily found at home, such as instant coffee, milk, water and sugar for a saccharine kick. Check out the video above and try re-creating it yourself at home.

Instagram Bingo Games

Instagram Bingo games may have been around for quite some time, but with the whole Covid-19 stay-home situation, this trend’s popularity continues to rise. In fact, some of the games are tweaked accordingly; there’re ones that’ll have you divulging your self-isolation routines, as well as others that encourage you to share what you’re looking forward to doing most once we bid the pandemic goodbye.

Instagram Stickers

Show your support for healthcare workers and your commitment to staying at home during this period, all while updating your socials. Take Instagram Stories of yourself working, cooking or playing with your dog at home and add the Stay Home sticker. Your followers will be able to see your Stories by clicking on the Stay Home tab on their Stories line-up.

Savage Dance Challenge

From increasingly popular music video-sharing app TikTok comes yet another social distancing trend—the Savage Dance Challenge. Sounds simple? Learn it, record it, and let your fellow TikTok users be the judge. Just remember, there are savages out there.

See 10, Do 10 Challenges

Push-ups, burpees, or even sprinting; the See/Do Challenges making rounds on Instagram Stories are as simple and straightforward as it gets. If you’re tagged by a friend, complete the exact same challenge and continue tagging others. It’s time to get your sweat on.