Uncle Lim Old School Ice Cream is the stay-at-home treat we need

Streets are empty, everyone’s home and businesses are shut.

But giving us a semblance of normalcy and harking back to the good ol’ days during such troubled times is Uncle Lim Old School Ice Cream. Opened for business on April 8 as a Facebook page, it’s essentially a delivery-only version of the traditional ice cream kiosks—usually found along Orchard Road—we all know and love.

Almost all the ice cream flavours you would want are available. There are perennial favourites like Chocolate Chip, Vanilla and Durian, as well as more unique ones like Raspberry Ripple, Green Tea and Yam. Our favourite’s Sweet Corn though, and we’re glad no one is fighting with us for that one.

Each 1L block of ice cream costs just $8, and is estimated to provide 8 servings (depending on how thick a slice you’re cutting, of course). Uncle Lim won’t be providing pre-cutting, due to the heightened need to ensure hygiene standards.

You can even buy loaves of rainbow bread ($2.50/roughly 12pcs) and packs of biscuits ($1/16pcs) to go with your ice cream, so you can have it in its full glory like how it’ll usually be served at the kiosks.

There is a delivery fee of $4, but waived for orders of three blocks of ice cream or more. The places he delivers to are limited as well, so make sure to check first. To place an order, simply PM Uncle Lim on Facebook. But be patient, as he is experiencing a high volume of requests and can only cater to so many at a time.

Every F&B concept out there has had to adapt to this new pandemic era, and we’re just stoked that Uncle Lim has found a way to do so too.

Order from Uncle Lim Old School Ice Cream here.