10 local interior designers we’re obsessed with right now

, 10 local interior designers we’re obsessed with right now

If you’re searching for the perfect interior designer for your home renovation here in Singapore, check out these 10 local IDs we can’t get enough of!


Authors Interior & Styling

The designers at Authors Interior & Styling are ridiculously talented and have put together some of the most creative, aesthetically pleasing projects in Singapore.

Their designs tend to incorporate a lot of wood and greenery along with quirky touches here and there, putting a new spin on farmhouse and cottagecore aesthetics in modern Singapore homes.


The Local INN.terior

The Local INN.terior sets a great example for making modern, minimalist interiors look interesting and not at all cookie-cutter. Their projects always have a personal touch and they never look like they were just copied from a template.

The designers have a particular knack for subtly working colour into each project, be it in the form of feature walls, fittings or statement decor pieces.


Shed Studio


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We discovered Shed Studio quite recently and absolutely love their work. They magically make HDB flats look like spacious homes overseas with their use of materials and carefully selected loose furniture.

If you’re bored of seeing built-ins everywhere and want something cosy and eclectic, you can’t go wrong with their designs.


Oblivion Lab


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A lot of dark and moody homes look copy-pasted and boring, but not when done by Oblivion Lab. Their designs incorporate lush dark wood, textured grey walls, raw stone and concrete finishes and perfectly executed mood lighting.

These elements ultimately come together to evoke a luxurious vibe with that elusive “designer” touch. Love it!




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A local interior design firm that does some really exciting work with unique patterns, colours and materials is Ofthebox. Their projects span all sorts of design styles, incorporating colour-blocked feature walls, wallpapered bathrooms, retro tiles, colourful fittings and more.

No matter your vision for your home, you’re sure to get some unique and imaginative suggestions from these talented designers.


Lemonfridge Studio

Love soft pastels and curved silhouettes? Check out the designers at Lemonfridge Studio. They skillfully execute Scandinavian and boho-chic interiors, often incorporating features like rattan lamps, marble walls, archways and gold fittings.

If you dream of a trendy, Insta-worthy home, this firm is a safe bet.


Underrated Studio

We love Underrated Studio because every project they do looks completely different, always bringing something fresh to the table. Take their newest work, for instance, which has a striking pink kitchen! 

Some of the features you’ll find in their other projects are bold murals, eclectic tile combinations and one-of-a-kind door treatments. 


Fifth Avenue Interior

Fifth Avenue Interior is one of the most popular interior design firms in Singapore, and for good reason. Their portfolio is incredibly varied and they are able to execute great interiors in pretty much any design style, whether you’re looking for something bold and eclectic or something classic and understated.

One of these designers’ greatest strengths is their ability to add colour to any space while retaining a modern, minimalist aesthetic. If you want your home to exude timelessness but you still want it to have that little something special, this firm is the one for you.


Blend by ImC


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If whimsical minimalism is your jam, engage Blend by ImC for your renovation. They have a real talent for bringing the simplest of spaces to life with small details, like colourful niches, a free-standing statement dresser or a void deck-inspired hole-in-the-wall feature.

Some of the most unique yet classy projects we’ve seen here at SquareRooms were whipped up by these creative designers.


Studio ELAR


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We only came across Studio ELAR the other day but we fell in love with their work at first sight. They skillfully mix practical built-ins with gorgeous loose furnishings and statement pieces, giving every room that luxurious “designer” vibe.

Their signature colour palette is rather muted, with warm and calming pops of colour to break up the monochromatic tones.

A version of this article first appeared in SquareRooms.