Mireia leads Singapore’s first vanilla bean plant cultivation

If you’re a fan of the distinct, aromatic flavour of vanilla, you’re in for a treat. Mireia, a Singapore-based brand renowned for their organic artisanal products, has just launched their inaugural showcase of vanilla bean plants at Gardens by the Bay!

The homegrown start-up – whose name reads as “to admire” in Spanish – leads Singapore’s first vanilla bean plant cultivation, and was invited to display 45 of their vanilla plants as part of the Garden’s 10th anniversary celebrations.


, Mireia leads Singapore’s first vanilla bean plant cultivation


A prized addition to any pantry, Mireia’s quality vanilla was born out of founders Charles Santoso and his wife Juwita Setiawan’s desire to grow their own spices amidst growing issues of tainted soil, contaminated crops, and use of pesticides in farming.

Each step of the labour-intensive process, from pollination to harvesting and curing, is done by hand. The standard harvesting timeline of vanilla spans a solid year, hence its proud position as the world’s second most expensive spice right behind saffron.


, Mireia leads Singapore’s first vanilla bean plant cultivation


Aiming to make Singapore a major producer of vanilla beans, the founders have been working with local farmers, engaging, and exploring partnerships with a wide range of schools and corporations.

Keen for a taste? Mireia’s gourmet products are available exclusively on their website. On top of vanilla beans from Madagascar, Tahiti, and Indonesia, their range of artisanal ingredients include vanilla extract, vanilla powder, and vanilla sugar. Premium coffee beans and drips are also available for purchase.


To grab your own quality vanilla or find out more, head over to Mireia’s website here.