Mikkeller Bar Singapore has found a new home on Purvis Street

When Mikkeller Bar first opened in Singapore on the warm Sunday afternoon of Apr 24, 2016 (at 4pm to be exact), the masses showed up at 120A Prinsep Street, where container art space DECK is, thirsty and eager for a taste of Copenhagen’s renowned export. Maybe it was the free beers and the blistering heat, or maybe it was because the pinnacle of craft beer-dom has finally reached our shores. Whatever it was, that day marked a turning point for craft beer culture here.

Fast forward two years and Mikkeller Bar Singapore is now ready to expand to a bigger, more central location on the second floor of 7 Purvis Street. If the cult Danish craft beer bar felt too edgy before because of the locale, you’ll be glad to know that this new place is full-on Scandi-cool, save for the splashes of red on the doors and window frames.

The first thing we’ll all probably appreciate with the move are more seats—specifically, more indoor seating with air-conditioned comfort, which is a godsend considering our weather. It’s amazing that they’ve added more taps too, meaning there will now be 25 taps in rotation (yay to more choices), up from an already generous 20.

The bottle selection will be doubled as well, and there will also be wayyyy more food on the menu than before, making it a proper restaurant offering.

Mikkeller Bar Singapore is on 2/F, 7 Purvis St., open Tue-Sun 4pm-midnight.