7 new shows to watch on Netflix, Disney+, and Viu this July

As we welcome the second half of the year and look forward to refreshing our list of personal indulgences after the past month, we’ve naturally also started picking out new series and movies to binge on in the following month.

From timeless classics and action-thrillers, to heartwarming rom-coms and mythical characters, we pick out 7 of the most interesting shows to watch on Netflix, Disney+, and Viu this July.


Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me


, 7 new shows to watch on Netflix, Disney+, and Viu this July


A romantic story with a twist – we follow an aspiring lyricist whose heart and soul gets devastated upon learning that her crush is in fact dating a freshman. While drinking her sorrows away, she chances upon a mysterious notebook with the power to make anyone fall in love with her for a month as long as she writes a song about them. Thrown in the mix is a best friend who’s the only person who knows about her secret, and the only one around who’ll be able to stop her from spiralling out of control, if she ever does. Getting involved with different men, the drama unfolds as we watch the leading lady come to terms with her decisions and deal with her best friend. Starring Han Ji-hyo and NCT’s Doyoung. Coming to Viu on 16 Jul, with new episodes every Saturday.




, 7 new shows to watch on Netflix, Disney+, and Viu this July


A Viu original, this idol romance drama follows the hardships young people face as they struggle to reach for their dreams, achieve their goals, and build the life they envision. Finding growth and triumph through love, a fateful encounter between an aspiring idol whose dreams were dashed after a traffic accident and a global star facing a career setback due to an unfortunate scandal sets the stage from which this story blossoms. Starring Kang Min-ah, alongside SF9’s Chani and Hwiyoung . Now available on Viu.


My Roommate is a Gumiho


, 7 new shows to watch on Netflix, Disney+, and Viu this July


Bringing back a timeless character, this romantic comedy tells the exciting and heartwarming story of a nine-tailed fox who yearns to become human. Unlike most stories, this is about a male gumiho whose essential fox bead is accidentally ingested by a female college student, sparking the rest of the story as he is forced to lived with this cheerful student in order to retrieve the bead. Starring Jang Ki-yong and Hyeri. Coming to Viu on 15 Jul.




, 7 new shows to watch on Netflix, Disney+, and Viu this July


Based on the last of Jane Austen’s beloved classics, Persuasion follows a 27-year-old Englishwoman in the early 19th century, who had once been engaged to a dashing young naval officer only to end the relationship based on the words of her friends and family. When her family encounters financial trouble years ago, the couple meet again in a twist of fate. Confronted with a second chance at true love, what choices will the young Englishwoman make? Starring Dakota Johnson, Cosmo Jarvis, Nikki Amuka-Bird, and Henry Golding. Coming to Netflix on 15 Jul.


Santa Evita


, 7 new shows to watch on Netflix, Disney+, and Viu this July


Based on the international best-selling novel of the same name by Tomás Eloy Martínez, this fictional series follows the intriguing tale – and corpse – of one Eva Perón, a powerful political figure in Argentina before her untimely death. Haunting the country’s political arena for over two decades, what started as an embalmed body awaiting the construction of a monument before burial slowly became a wandering corpse without a grave, following a military coup and a monument that was never completed. Starring Natalia Oreiro, Diego Velázquez, and Francesc Orella. Coming to Disney+ on 27 Jul.


The Deep End


, 7 new shows to watch on Netflix, Disney+, and Viu this July


This arresting docu-series explores the life and work of Teal Swan, one of the most controversial, provocative, and recognised spiritual influencer and author in recent years. Over the course of the last decade, Teal has been steadily growing her base of fans and followers, preaching on topics that revolve around confronting our spirituality, understanding our psyche, and dealing with strong emotions that range from anger to suicidal thoughts – all while receiving attracting much criticism and controversy regarding her methods and teachings. Up close and personal, creators of The Deep End were given full access and permission to follow her from day to day for a whole three years, giving us unprecedented material on almost every aspect of her life as we examine everything from her upbringing and history, to her inner circle and cultist allegations. Starring Teal Swan as herself. Coming to Disney+ on 06 Jul.


The Longest Night


, 7 new shows to watch on Netflix, Disney+, and Viu this July


A riveting action thriller that centres around a psychiatric prison, surrounded by armed forces with a mission to retrieve an incarcerated serial killer. What ensues is a gripping battle between both sides as they face a force of resistance they had not expected from within the prison, diving into a long, action-packed night. Starring Alberto Ammann, Luis Callejo, and David Solans. Coming to Netflix on 08 Jul.