Get in touch with Japan and the PRINCE OF LEGEND

As international borders gradually open, we can’t help but join in the collective air of excitement awaiting the official reopening of Japan’s borders. If you’re like us and can’t seem to hold back that urge to visit the Land of the Rising Sun much longer, quell your wanderlust a little longer with HI-AX Japan’s latest treat: Kizoku Kourin PRINCE OF LEGEND, the fourth instalment of the global PRINCE OF LEGEND Project.


, Get in touch with Japan and the PRINCE OF LEGEND


A joint partnership between Japan’s supergroup artist and entertainment management, LDH JAPAN, and leading multi-platform entertainment broadcaster, NIPPON TV, the wildly popular PRINCE OF LEGEND drama series and its movies are now available for streaming on Netflix.

Like its name suggests, the franchise revolves around picture-perfect men from all walks of life who are given the “prince” label in Japanese culture. Coming together in the fictional St. Brilliant Academy, they compete for the title of being the best, most gentlemanly prince in the world.


, Get in touch with Japan and the PRINCE OF LEGEND


Following its predecessors’ success, Kizoku Kourin PRINCE OF LEGEND witnesses even more tension with the addition of two new groups thrown into the mix.

Featuring a stellar cast of multi-talented artists, many of whom are part of LDH’s EXILE TRIBE, fans will be delighted to catch stars such as Alan Shirahama, Ryota Katayose, Reo Sano, Mandy Sekiguchi, Nobuyuki Suzuki, Keita Machida, Kazuma Kawamura, Hokuto Yoshino, Itsuki Fujiwara, Makoto Hasegawa, DAIGO, Tomoki Hirose, Yoshihiko Aramaki, and Koji Yamamoto, to name a few.


Can’t wait to start bingeing? Find the PRINCE OF LEGEND series on Netflix here, and the new Kizoku Kourin – PRINCE OF LEGEND movie here.