You don’t have to leave halfway for dinner anymore

Creature comforts sure go a long way when appreciating wine. Last year, the folks behind Wine Fiesta 2018 brought the annual festival indoors so we may enjoy our vino in air-conditioned comfort (heat and sunlight is bad for wine after all). And this year, they’re going yet a step further.

Returning Oct 4-6 is the 12th edition of Wine Fiesta, going from a two-day to a three-day festival, and instead of being held at Fullerton Bay, will be taking place at the Grand Hyatt for the first time. This year, they’re also making sure our tummies remain nicely lined with good grub, even as we indulge in glass after glass of fine wine.

In fact, the first day of the festival on Friday night is dedicated to feasting. Taking on a different format than usual on Oct 4 is the Winemakers’ Table Dinner, where the eating takes on equal prominence to the drinking. Dine with the winemakers themselves alongside fellow oenophiles as you toast to the start of the weekend.

Then from Oct 5-6, it’ll be Wine Fiesta as we usually know it, with over 200 labels available for tasting. There’ll be lots of food too, with the event space categorized into various wine regions ranging from Australia to France and even Germany. Go from booth to booth, glass in hand, and drink your fill.

Wine Fiesta is starting to take shape as a full-on wine and dine festival of sorts. Plus with whisky and other spirits brands setting up shop too, it’s definitely becoming a gathering not just for wine lovers.

Wine Fiesta 2019 takes place Oct 4-6 at Grand Hyatt Singapore. Tickets from $68-188 per person.