For when the occasion calls for appropriate extravagance

It was first conceived in France by Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau and House Chef Philippe Saint Romas as a pairing to bring out the different notes of Louis XIII Cognac. And now, thanks to a collaboration with Italian restaurant 28 Wilkie, the exclusive Five Sensations of Louis XIII menu is now available here.

The five-course pairing in Singapore is near identical to the one served in its headquarters in Cognac, and is meant as a pre-dinner experience (it does help work up an appetite) that includes a glass of Louis XIII paired with five bite-sized appetisers, all for the princely sum of $350.

Before the food, first have a sip of the Cognac on its own to appreciate the level of complexity that up to a century of oak barrel-ageing does to a spirit. You’ll then be served the first pairing, a spoonful of caviar from a breed of Kaluga-Sturgeon hybrid that is surprisingly light in brininess, and delightfully piquant in nuttiness. This allows the uncompeting aromatics of the Cognac to shine more vividly.

Then comes the European Lobster Sandwich, seemingly too light a pairing for such a rich spirit, but somehow works thanks to savoury and bright notes from the roe and lemon accompaniments. The third pairing, probably the most interesting one, is a Hibiscus and Pomegranate Soft Sorbet. It acts as a palate cleanser, but holds its own as a refreshing, plummy dessert of sorts that brings out the floral notes in the Cognac.

You get Wafer-Thin Belotta Shavings next. The marbling of the pork melts effortlessly in the mouth, and having a sip of Louis XIII just as the slices dissipate highlights the full yet silky textures of the Cognac. You then arrive at the Wagyu Beef Tartare with Pommery mustard and capers, which evokes the more mature notes of figs and walnuts from the Cognac. The dish itself is well-balanced, although some may find the sourness from the capers not needed.

However you find the pairings, you’ll definitely find yourself hungry for more at the end of the courses.

The Five Sensations of Louis XIII is available at 28 Wilkie for $350 nett.