6 best Sake bars to check out in Singapore

Of the many cultures that have found their way into Singapore’s melting pot, Japanese culture has always been amongst the most popular. From entertainment to food, we’re no strangers to the treasures The Land of the Rising Sun has to offer – and among them is Sake, an alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice and arguably one of the most iconic representatives of Japanese culture.

Gaining a firm following over the years, the delicate drink has become more abundantly available locally, along with the multitude of Sake bars now found in Singapore.

Whether you’re just starting to discover Sake or are an avid fan, here are 6 of the best Sake bars in Singapore to enjoy a bottle or two alongside delicious bar bites.


BAM! Restaurant


, 6 best Sake bars to check out in Singapore


Founded on a mission to pay tribute to modern ways of enjoying Sake, BAM!’s omakase dining menu showcases the colours, textures, and flavours of each season’s best, elevated with a touch of theatrical elegance. Complementing your experience is a warm and discreet space that boasts a floor-to-ceiling Sake cellar housing extensive labels of Sake carefully curated by the restaurant’s team of certified Sake sommeliers.




, 6 best Sake bars to check out in Singapore


A modern izakaya situated conveniently along the outskirts of the CBD, the restaurant’s name is a vestige of the its previous existence as a bank. Retaining and refurbishing the former bank’s vault, this tapas bar houses some of the most premium bottles of Sake available with it, showcasing up to over 30 of the most high-end Sake labels on the market.


House Bar


, 6 best Sake bars to check out in Singapore


Taiga Dining’s sister establishment, this sophisticated boutique lounge located within Regent Singapore is a luxurious retreat that offers an irresistible range of artisanal Sake and craft cocktails on top of seasonal Japanese cuisine. For the discerning palate, diners get to enjoy specialty cocktails made using the finest of Japanese distilleries alongside their repertoire of spirits from around the world – from Champagne to Mezcal, and of course, the best of Japan’s proud breweries.




, 6 best Sake bars to check out in Singapore


Disrupting the industry with the allure of a modern geisha, enjoy authentic and traditional Japanese cuisine at iKO, where the best of fresh seasonal produce is highlighted, complemented by their range of natural wines and fine Sake – a brilliantly curated list that showcases the full spectrum of Sake flavours for Sake aficionados to pick from.




, 6 best Sake bars to check out in Singapore


Nestled in a shophouse along the Telok Ayer heritage district, Kabuke highlights the art of Japanese dining with their seasonal menu, specially paired with a brilliant showcase of exquisite Sake. Bringing in Sake from prefectures all across Japan, expect to discover new flavours that complement your food with sensible pairing from a range of Sake that include those of small, lesser-known breweries.


Orihara Shoten


, 6 best Sake bars to check out in Singapore


Entering this intimate Sake bar is like entering a whole new world. Housing over 200 bottles of artisanal Sake, Orihara Shoten’s list boasts rare and seasonal Sake from boutique breweries in Japan, some of which even boast come with the distinction of being one-time brews. Head over to discover Sake that’ll satisfy your palate unlike others you’ve tried before, or simply to sip on Sake perfect for the season.