Discover creative concoctions inspired by our KTVs, Botanic Gardens, Golden Mile Complex and more

Known for their charming mix of colourful contemporary vibes and warm homage to Singapore’s heritage, Nutmeg & Clove presents an exciting new menu that continues their mission to bring imbibers on journeys of reflection and discovery.

Inspired by a traveller’s musings while visiting Singapore, Flavours & Memories Volume 6: The Cocktail Diaries gives us an innovative glimpse into the history of Singapore and hopes to inspire renewed curiosity about what our island has to offer.



Designed to resemble a travelogue, this diary features 10 new cocktails that bring us on an intimate encounter with the sights and sounds of Singapore.

Cocktails such as the fresh citrusy GMT Martini – made with Monkey 47 Dry Gin washed with olive – combines elements from cocktail cultures across Tokyo, London, and Singapore as a nod to the country’s early history through turbulent times and six different time zones.



Garden City – concocted using Hendrick’s Gin infused with musk melon – pays tribute to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, an idyllic UNESCO Heritage Site, while Lah Leh Meh – crafted with butter-fat washed Cognac stirred with green coffee-infused dark rum – is a standout representative of our local culture.

Other highlights that showcase Singaporean icons include K-Tea-V, Golden Charm – inspired by the traveller’s encounter with Golden Mile Complex – and the perennial question, Can Bubble Gum?.



Accompanying their new cocktail menu is a fresh dinner menu that offers innovative Modern Singapore cuisine.

Try their take on beloved classics like the Lobster Kueh Pie Tee, SG Scotch Egg, and Rendang Mac & Cheese, then end off your meal with the Nutmeg & Clove Ice Cream Sandwich, a generous portion of Michter’s bourbon soaked brownie flanked by two slices of fried Hainanese toast.


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