Who needs sleep when you can have brunch in the wee hours of the morning

If you and your crew frequently get late-night hunger pangs, fret not. With our country’s much-welcomed move into Phase 2, feel free to have your supper fix at cafes and eateries across our island once again. For 24-hour restaurants with gratifying mains and more, check out the following places. Just remember to continue practicing safe distancing and keep ‘em hands clean at all times.

126 Dim Sum Wen Dao Shi (Geylang branch)

A vastly popular local supper spot that needs no introduction, 126 Dim Sum Wen Dao Shi’s OG Geylang branch is open all day, everyday, unlike its Boon Keng outlet that’s only in operation from 5pm to 2am daily. So head down to the eatery for mouth-watering dim sum dishes such as steamed carrot cake, chee cheong fun, seafood rolls and more for your yum cha fix whenever you please.

Cafe de Muse

Located at Shaw House along the junction of Orchard Road, Korean-inspired Cafe de Muse offers 24-hour dining in its quaint space that boasts plush seats for patrons to get comfortable. Not only are you able to get your brunch fix at wee hours of the morning, you’ll also get to order classic cocktails, interesting concoctions and decadent desserts no matter the hour. The best part? Retail therapy is just a stone’s throw away.

Cafeela Roti Prata & Seafood Restaurant

If your squad has a hankering for various local delicacies, take them to Cafeela Roti Prata & Seafood Restaurant that features a wide array of dishes including prata, chilli crab, curry fish head and more. A place known for satisfying large appetites, your friends will definitely thank you once they’re done indulging.

Coffeesmith (Orchard Gateway and Northpoint outlet)

Caffeine addicts staying out late should head to South Korea-hailing cafe Coffeesmith which takes its coffee seriously by only using high-quality Arabica coffee beans in its brews. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the cafe franchise also carries desserts such as waffles and bing su that're perfect for warm evenings.

R.K. Eating House

Nothing screams Singaporean and supper like R.K. Eating House that’s favoured among party-goers and late-night revellers (though partying still isn't allowed at our clubs). Found at Kensington Park near Serangoon Gardens, here’s where to head to for towering tissue pratas and frothy teh tariks. Need we say more?