This new bar grill may be the reason you need for a trip into Sentosa

You’ll almost never get an enthusiastic response from your friends when suggesting to purposefully dine in Sentosa. And we get it—there’s nothing that great to eat there to warrant a trip down. Well, until now.

The place is Panamericana, a cool colonial-chic bar grill that has recently landed on the offshore island, in a quiet, recluse area in Sentosa Golf Club. In fact, you might head there just for the solid and extensive drinks menu, seeing as Ricky Paiva (formerly from Manhattan Bar) is the one who put together the bar program there.

As you might have guessed, Panamericana takes inspiration from the food and drinks you’ll find when traversing the Pan-American Highway, a 50,000 km of open road connecting North, Central and South America. Executive Chef Mathew Woon offers up a focused menu of small and big plates there, featuring items like Peruvian ceviche, salt-baked trout, whole Colombian chicken, and more. There are bar snacks too, like empanada, beef tartare and maple mustard wings.

But what really draws us there are the drinks. There’s a selection of “Booze & Juice”, a drinks program by both Paiva and owner Julian Serna (you’ll remember him as the former group bar mentor of the Lo and Behold Group), which is exactly what it says it is—a mix of alcohol and fruit juice that serves as a sorta healthy starting drink. Then there are the Panamericana signature cocktails. The Roasted Banana Old Fashioned has our interest piqued, while the Grown Up Fanta sounds like a fun concoction to have. You can have the spiked Fanta in large format (serves 6-8) too. And staying true to the Pan-Am theme, there’s a good selection of Agave to choose from as well. We’re also keen to try their own Panamericana Pilsener bottled beer.

Panamericana is open Wed-Sun, at 27 Bukit Manis Road, Sentosa Golf Club.